Wild Dolphins at Cabo San Lucas

This is so far my best wildlife photography. These are the photos I took on my Mexico Cruise vacation to Cabo San Lucas. On our way back to US, we saw so many wild dolphins in the sea. I quickly pick up my Nikon D70S and start shooting. I probably shoot about 70 images and only few are perfect. The following two are just my favorite shots.

Wild Dolphins at Cabo San Lucas

It’s amazing how many dolphins are swimming side by side along the ship. They come and go in just few minutes. Looks like they just want to show off their natural skills.

Wild Dolphin at Cabo San Lucas

It was a nice trip and I saw many things that I was not expecting in my life. Have you been to Cabo San Lucas?

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      It will be even exciting to see over 100 dolphins swim by the cruise ship. I only see about 30 of them while it was in April. Local people told me that there will be thousands dolphins in July and November time.

      I plan to swim with the dolphins, but not sure how I can take photos with them while swimming. :) I need a water-proof camera.

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      Thanks! You don’t see wild dolphins that often. I am sure I will capture whale soon on my trip to Alaska. Thank you for stopping by. You have awesome HDR images!

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