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Mother of Divine Providence Church, King of Prussia, PA
Well. It’s been a long time since my last mobile photography. Taking HDR photography on my Nexus5 is getting better. It’s actually more than awesome! It has became an hobby.

I took this crazy cloud and in front of the Mother of Divine Providence Church in King of prussia, PA. It was a cool cloudy day. The sun suddenly disappear. Glad that it did not rain. Otherwise, I will be a totally wet like a maverick walking on the street.

The photos is taken on Nexus5 and processed with SnapSeed HDR app + TopAZ DeNoise + Photoshop lens correction. It turns great!

What do you think?

HDR Panorama Watson Lake Prescott AZFinally, I had chance to visit Watson Lake, Prescott AZ the second time. The first time was wonderful, but I did not have the new Canon 8-15mm fisheye lens, Nodal Ninja R1 pano head, and heavy duty Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod (see my gears).

It was a little cloudy, but very sunny day. We did a little walk on the rocks and tool few panorama shots. You can see the 360 degree virtual tour in action on my Google Maps View page. Or see the HDR Watson Lake in action below.

Chateau de Vie HDRI’ve been looking for opportunity to see this big 10.4 acre property myself for years. Chateau de Vie in Chandler, AZ is the largest private own residential property in the neighborhood. It also has some interesting news in the past years. The current owner Mr. Goodman were very generously giving a private tour to see the entire property and it’s beautiful architect design.

The property is currently on the marketing as luxury vacation rental for rich people, group or company to rent the place for whatever private reason.


It was a nice sunny and cloudy afternoon at Lodge resort at Vetana Canyon in Tucson. This cloud day makes this nice golf course looks like a green heaven. There are bunch luxury houses on the hill and we took a ride to to visit those properties. It was a great motivation.
Golf Cours At Lodge - Vetana Canyon Tucson IMG_5276_7_8_tonemapped_tonemapped IMG_5303_4_5_tonemapped_tonemapped IMG_5320_1_2_tonemapped_tonemapped IMG_5334_5_6_tonemapped

I thought about writing my experience about driving on the road to Hana, which is one of the most famous activities on the island of Maui. I am not a really travel blogger, but I will give it a try. Here is one of the reasons that you want to drive the road to Hana. Watch the high definition video from The road is built beautifully and there are so many small bridges, water falls and beaches on this 60+ miles drive. You will need to get up early before the rush hour. Here are some tips!

Experience the Road to Hana | Maui | R2H from R2H: The Road to Hana on Vimeo.

Well. Personally, we got up at 5:00AM and went to McDonald and bought our breakfast. We also pack our own lunch with us, because there is no real place to eat in between Hana and Paia other than banana bread stand. Believe me, you will spend 16 hours or even longer on the road from Paia to Hana, to Kaupo, to highway 31, and back to Kahului. Not to mention that you will need to reserve at least 3 hours to hike to the Waimoku fall (2 miles one way) and soak yourself at the 7 pools when you get back down.

The most beautiful part of the Road to Hana is actually from Hana and to Kaupo, which includes few miles of unpaved one lane road. ** Watch this YouTube Video to see what I mean exciting **. I don’t recommend renting Jeep for more than 2 person on board. Personally, the humid weather can easily make your passenger carsick. Not to mention you don’t have enough space to store your camera equipment and food. We bought a case of bottle of waters from Costco a day before and leave them in the trunk. So a car with air-condition will be a better option than Jeep does. You will get dehydrate fast without knowing it. You will need to expect unexpected rain shower that can get you really wet and cold as well.

Here are my personal tips:

  • Get up at 5:00am and get to Paia before 6:00AM
  • Prepare your own breakfast, lunch and snack
  • Prepare lots water
  • Prepare extra pair of dry cloth
  • Rent an air-conditioned car for 4 or Jeep for 2
  • Don’t forget your sun block. Even though it’s cloud day, the UV index can be very high
  • Get the map at the airport. There are people at airport handing you large folding map with mile markers on it. Lots information on the map that can save big bucks on all kind of activities
  • Skip the Twin Fall between marker 2-3, which is the only water fall with BIG sign. It’s NOT worth the time
  • Stop by as many beaches as possible on the map. There is never two beaches on the island that look the same
  • Get to Hana before 1pm. So you will have time to spend at Waimoku fall and drive back.
  • Follow the tour bus. When they stop, you stop. The drive knows where the good viewpoint is. Get ready to leave before the bus, so you can follow them.
  • Do NOT pass other car at no-passing zone. There is always car came out no where on the other side.
  • Don’t miss Waianapanapa State Park (see the picture below) few miles before Hana. There is only a small sign and no marker. The entry is really easy to miss.

  • Get to the Waimoku fall Trail at Haleakala National Park before 2PM. So you will have 4 hours to stay there. This is the most famous spot on the road to Hana. See more pictures below.
  • Do NOT wear flip-flop to hike to the water fall. there is a lot of bamboo came out no where, which may cut your toes off.
  • There is also famous 7 pools down below. Tour bus only stay there for restroom. This is the reason why you want to drive on your own.

It will look just like the picture below. It’s all muddy water and you can’t count the 7 pools.

During the 2 mile hike, you will see this beautiful bamboo forest. They are actually much darker than the pictures are. It’s breath taking! I guarantee!

Finally, you will reach the Waimoku Falls!

Well. After this point you will have lots driving on the unpaved road and them super smooth highway 31. Watch out for the big dump-truck, which will come out as surprise (see the YouTube above).

Super smooth highway 31. Seriously, I mean very SMOOTH. You won’t believe that people are living there!

Well. I hope this guide gives you clear ideas about the road to Hana in Maui. Enjoy and let me know if you discover something else on your road to Hana!

I have to say that I had really good time taking photos at Maui, Hawaii. There beach everywhere and they all look different. It’s so far the best place other than Arizona to take blue sky, ocean and turn it into HDR.

Here is the same shot in Black and White.

Well. It’s been a long time (over a year) since my last vacation. I decided to move on to the 1% lifestyle and hopefully stay for a while and enjoy it for the rest of my life. My wife and I decided to pay a visit to Maui, Hawaii. The island is beautiful with so may beaches that you can swim and do snorkeling all day. Not to mention that there are so many luxury mansions and resorts around the beach. I stop by this luxury property and love the decoration. Sorry. Can’t show you the inside. I also haven’t done any HDR Photography for sometime. My skills is getting rusty. You will soon see more Hawaii Photos.

Well. If don’t know where to start your Maui lifestyle, check out the following deals (click on the image). You can also use this link to save 10% on every luxury deal you find that is over $1000.

Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas - 1-Bedroom Ocean View Villa package for 4 - 6 NightsHyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa - Resort View Room package for 4 - 5 Nights

Well. It’s been a while since my last post about HDR photography. I have not had great photos for a while. Now I finally find something to shoot for. I had great time with friends hanging out at Bartlett Lake in N. Scottsdale. It was a very hot summer day.

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