Showcase Girl Photography

I don’t have to say much about this. Too bad that I did not get their phone number or email. LOL! I was having great time watching this show girls presenting a history of the Hero in Taiwan. You can find them at the national center of traditional art in YiLan, Taiwan.

IMG_4709_1Pretty Taiwan Show Girl IMG_4726_1

Here you go! These are some of my favorite shots at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. I specific like the girl who kisses the rose and few belly dancing girls and the girl on fire.

The second girl was rush to attend the show event. I guess she was late. You can see her sweat a lot on her neck. She, however, did not stop playing her drum. What a dedicate show girl.

The third girl isn’t about photography at all. I just thought it’s funny that she had a sign “Cash Only” on her rear end. That crack me up.

Isn’t she on Fire? This is the second shot I took at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. The girls are really good dancer. They also have pretty smile and eyes that look straight into my eyes behind the camera.

Now. This is scary look to me. She has a sword on her head and look at me like I was her meat on the table. LOL! Joking.

Well. It’s been years since my last visit to Arizona Renaissance Festival. I found this girl amazing. I can’t really move my eyes and lens off her. Her dance move and smile just made my day. Looks like she is inviting me to dance with her. 🙂 Yup! I am dreaming.

Let’s go for a swim. Shall we?

I took this shot on the cruise ship of my Caribbean trip. The little girl is getting ready to go for a swim on the ship. The little girl dress up with the beautiful color. They are walking at the same pace too. This is a priceless moment for them.

Father and Daughter

I am not a big fan of motion photography, but I often like to take photos of kids moving. Emily is my brother-in-law’s niece. We spent sometime with their whole family in Los Angels, California. Emily was afraid of water, so she was running back and forth on the beach to avoid getting her feet wet. That was the perfect moment to capture her smiling face in action.

Emily Runs

BTW, I was the one got wet feet after all. I was paying too much attention to the girls and did not know waves were coming my way.

She and my little Niece – Jessie will soon rule the world!

Camera: Nikon D70S

I really like photos of Kids, because they are so innocent. Their facial expression often made me smile. They are the future. I took my niece Jassie’s photo at my uncle-in-law’s big house in LA in 2006. She is such a sweet baby and laugh maker. I do believe she will rule the world one way or the other. There are several shots in this post.

Which one you like most?

Jessie Rules

The following photo just make me laugh. She looks like the boss of big corporation. She rules everything. 🙂 This is my favorite one!

Jessie Rules

What a happy boss, isn’t she? She said “Let’s get the profit report. We are doing very well this year. You all are making me very happy!” 🙂

Jessie Rules

Once again, she proves she got the talent, skills and power to rule the world.

Jessie Rules

She is also very creative. She can play piano too!Jessie and Piano

All these photos are taken by my old Nikon D70S with flash light. I am really happy about the result. Without any retouching or adjustment, they looks fantastic. I was not really seriously interested in portrait photography until I got the Nikon SB-600 Speedlight flashlight.

Again, which photo do you like most?

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