Showcase Caribbean Photography

It’s been a while since my my vacation at Gran Bahia Principe Resort in Jamaica 2010. I took the video using my Canon 7D at Gran Bahia Principe Resort. You can also find my Jamaica Night Shot to see the beautiful night view of the resort.

There are also some other flowers and beach photo at Jamaica.

There is nothing more I can say about the Caribbean Cruise Trip. It’s simply awesome. Before I close the chapter, I have two more beach photos to show off. My journey won’t stop here. There are new journey coming soon.

I’ve heard about Cayman Island’s 7 Miles beach for sometime. I finally had chance to visit it myself. Seeing is believing. The beach is very beautiful. I can’s resist to grab my camera and shot. Well. I end up taking so many similar photos and unable to decide which one to pick. So here are the two photos that was processed into HDR Image with Photomatix Pro.

Well. Taking 3 bracketed photos on the beach for HDR isn’t easy. The wave keeps coming. So I end up taking a RAW image and convert that into 3 different exposure shots. I bet the more experience photographer can tell me how to deal with wave in my case. Thanks to Photomatix’s deGhost features. I can clean up the ghost on those tourists.

Cayman Beach - HDR

Cayman Beach - HDR

I do have suggestion to those who visit Cayman Island’s 7 miles beach. It’s actually 6 miles. Some tax driver will take you to a hotel and charge you $25 to enter their own section of the beach. That is totally BS. If you can walk, you can walk from any one of the hotel on the beach which only charge you for the food, drink and chairs.

You can find an awesome spat like we did and enjoy the beach for FREE.

Camera: Canon 7D

Software: Photoshop, Photomatix Pro

This is the last photo of Mahogany Bay Roatan, where we left the colorful ghost town behind. The Rain is coming our way and we just left at the right time. You can see there is another cruise ship (Carnival Glory) in front of us at the end of the horizon line. This place is beautiful and newly opened for Carnival cruise line. The nearby airport is about 4-6 hours drive, so the easy way to get here is by cruise. We took our zip-line excursion here and we had good time screaming in the jungle. 🙂

At The End Of The Line

The dark cloud moved in while we were leaving the Mahogany Bay Roatan. I took many shots of this scene and finally came up with two different images. I kind of like the second one more, but I think I can make it even more dynamic when I know more about HDR image and Photomatix Pro.

Camera: Canon 7D

Software: Photoshop, Photomatix Pro


We were leaving the Ghost Town At Mahogany Bay Roatan and this little oasis isn’t too far away. I like the color combination and it does show much more dynamic color and the rain in the far distance after processing it into HDR image.

Oasis In The Ocean

This is our third stop on our Caribbean cruise trip after Cozumel Mexico and Belize. This is a very small town built just for the cruise ship and tourism. After all passengers are on board, the town looks like a ghost town. A very colorful ghost town.

We did our zip-line excursion and enjoy a very crowded beach. There was about 2000 tourists in the town from two Carnival cruise ships – Legend and Glory.

Ghost Town At Mahogany Bay, Roatan

I have much more respect to the ancient history and culture after seeing this wonderful temple ruin at Belize. The tour guide told us a much different story than the one I saw on discover channel. It was a good hike to the top of the temple and we feel the power of being on top of the entire village. You really feel like a KING of the world.

Belize Xanantunich Maya Temples

Here are the view from the top of the temple.

Mayan Temple

And view from the left side.
Mayan Temple

Let’s go for a swim. Shall we?

I took this shot on the cruise ship of my Caribbean trip. The little girl is getting ready to go for a swim on the ship. The little girl dress up with the beautiful color. They are walking at the same pace too. This is a priceless moment for them.

Father and Daughter

Jamaica Night

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