Showcase Renaissance Festival Photography

Well. These photos really have nothing special other than practicing my HDR image skills. I am far from being a PRO HDR Photographer. However, I am a visual person, so I will be focusing on realistic HDR from this point on. These are the last few photos taken at Arizona Renaissance Festival. You can find my other most viewed festival photos like Girls At Arizona Renaissance Festival, She Is On Fire, Dance With Me and HDR Silver Cups. Taking photos is one way to enjoy my digital life outside of work. Life is short and there a lot to see.

Here you go! These are some of my favorite shots at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. I specific like the girl who kisses the rose and few belly dancing girls and the girl on fire.

The second girl was rush to attend the show event. I guess she was late. You can see her sweat a lot on her neck. She, however, did not stop playing her drum. What a dedicate show girl.

The third girl isn’t about photography at all. I just thought it’s funny that she had a sign “Cash Only” on her rear end. That crack me up.

These are just few of the photos I took at Arizona Renaissance Festival. I like how it turns out ad colorful shot. Of Course, it’s HDR, but not so much like unrealistic HDR.

Isn’t she on Fire? This is the second shot I took at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. The girls are really good dancer. They also have pretty smile and eyes that look straight into my eyes behind the camera.

Now. This is scary look to me. She has a sword on her head and look at me like I was her meat on the table. LOL! Joking.

Well. It’s been years since my last visit to Arizona Renaissance Festival. I found this girl amazing. I can’t really move my eyes and lens off her. Her dance move and smile just made my day. Looks like she is inviting me to dance with her. 🙂 Yup! I am dreaming.

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