Showcase Lake Photography

Had great hiking event with bunch friends at Saguaro Lake in Arizona. This is one of my favorite places for desert photography, where I also took the Macro Flowers. I also turn some of the photos into HDR, which is my new passion about photography. I am truly amazed by many of the realistic HDR photographers out there.

Well. It’s been a while since my last post about HDR photography. I have not had great photos for a while. Now I finally find something to shoot for. I had great time with friends hanging out at Bartlett Lake in N. Scottsdale. It was a very hot summer day.

I have taken this Saguaro cactus so many times. I can actually see it grow. Had a great hike at Butcher Jones Traial near Saguaro Lake in Mesa. This photo officially lead me to the New Year 2012. I will have more to learn about Landscape Photography and HDR photography.

I really have no complain about Arizona’s weather, even it’s too hot in the Summer. These photos were taken at Butcher Jones Trail near Saguaro Lake in Apache Junction on 12/31/2011. It’s the last day of the 2011 and we can hike with shorts! Isn’t that just wonderful!

Well. It’s been a while since my last HDR photo. I took this at the cloudy day at nearby neighborhood, where I took my first few HDR images.

HDR Image – Lake Houses and HDR Image – Trees

I was told the best HDR image target is the place or the object that has so much details and contrast. So here you go. We don’t have that much cloudy day in Arizona. So I have to take this opportunities to take cloudy HDR photos!

I think the above lake view is a little too blue while the one below is a little too yellow! What do you think? Your comment are well appreciated! Thank you for stopping by!

Camera: Canon 7D

Software: Photoshop, Photomatix Pro

These are the photos of lake views at Cherry Creek Ranch in Young AZ. Those are not my favorite photos at Cherry Creek, but they simply shows the wonderful time I had at the ranch. You can tell how much I love Blue Sky!

This is just part of serial photos from Cherry Creek Lodge in Young AZ. This is not a big lake, but it is a nice place to fish and relax with bunch friends. The weather was perfect for me. You can find my Cherry Creek Sunset HDR photo and more Cherry Creek Photos here.

Cherry Creek Lake Sparkle

Camera: Canon 7D

Software: Photoshop, Photomatix Pro

Those are the lonely boats that no one is taking them! I actually took my wife go for a tour. This photo was taken at Wu Lai resort in Taiwan. I like how the boats are linking up against the lake and the reflection of the light on the water. I did not do much to modify the photo. The picture says itself. I wished I know more about HDR photography at that time. This photo could be more dynamic and dramatic as well.

Lonely Boats at WuLi

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