Showcase Man Photography

This is my favorite lover shot other than the lovely old couple so far. I took this photo in Taiwan when I visited my parents in Taipei. These couple seem to enjoy the moment very much! It’s priceless. It’s a romantic moment, isn’t it? You can also find me in the Two of us photo.

Coupon in the river

Behind the scene, I actually removed the hand bag on the rock next to the girl. This make the picture perfect.

Lovely Old Couple

How lovely these old couples are? I was taking a photowalk in San Francisco, CA. These two old people walked slowly crossing the street with holding hands. This is so far the most romantic photo I’ve ever take other than the “Two of US” photo.

My wife and I have been together for over 23 years. We still have long way to go, but I would love to take her hand and travel around the world just like these two lovely couples.

Sheriff On the Train

This is an accident shot when we took the train to Grand Canyon, Arizona. He is actor who play the sheriff who is trying to catch the robberies. He came suddenly before I was ready to take a shot. So his face was cut off, but that make this photo so special. I was surprised that he looked at me and say “Shoot me!” Ok. I got it. So I pickup the camera and shoot.

Camera: Nikon D70S

Sugar Las Vegas

This photo really is nothing special. I like it because of the detail. This photo really shows how much detail the Canon 7D can capture. I also like the photo with nearly mono color. I took this at Las Vegas at bright day light. I only crop the photo. There is no color correction, sharpness whatsoever.

Camera: Canon 7D.

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