Showcase Lamp Photography

Well. This photo has nothing special other than playing with the field distance. I took the same lamp from different angle at the Carefree Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.

This photo isn’t so much about HDR. It’s more about the color! While I am learning how to process HDR image, there are something I have to learn. Reduce the noise and sharpen the image is hard without a proper Photoshop plugin or add-on software. However, composition is probably more important than the process itself. If you don’t have a good photo to start with, nothing will be good anyway.

Lamp Under the roof

This photo was taken along with other Cherry Creek Lodge Photos. I specific like the HDR sunset. What do you think?

Finally, I got something different on this blog since I spent too much time processing my travel photos and beach photos. This is my last photo of my Caribbean Cruise Trip. I took this photo at Tamp Airport’s Hotel Lobby. This is also the end of my vacation for the first half of 2011. It’s time to plan the next trip for the second half of 2011.

The mirror looks like a never solved puzzle. No matter where you look at it from, you can always see the lamp and light on the wall. Orange is one of my favorite color.

Orange Puzzle

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