Showcase Night Shot Photography

Well. One of the reason Maui is so beautiful is their micro-weather. You can enjoy the sun shine and storm in same day. We stay at the resort in city of Kihei near the beach. There is not much too see at night and the restaurants are NOT so good either. We did catch the storm at night after dinner. The sky looks like it’s the end of the world.

Of course, they are HDR photos. Honestly, There is not single restaurant that is good for us. Lots taco shops. I don’t think people living there care about their cooking. They are probably just make living so they can surfing when they are free. Even the coffee shop there has so-so coffee.

Well. It’s been a while since I post my last photo “A Typical Day” few weeks ago. I have been busy working and shopping. I took a little break and walk around the SanTan Village Mall at night. I was looking for some nice spot to take night shot. I was unable to find good place to take photos. On my way back to my car, I found this place with all the ladies … Here you go.

Jamaica Night

I took my new Canon 7D for a short vacation at Jamaica! This is the first time I use Canon 7D to take night shot. Not very impressive the first time. I guess I need to user Canon 7D more to figure the best setting for the night shot. Using the auto ISO wasn’t a good idea.

You can also find the Jamaica Video (including nude beach and topless girl) taken by the same camera.

The Bees and Flowers is my first shot on the Canon 7D, which turns out very good.

Camera: Canon 7D

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