Showcase Cactus Photography

Took this photo over the weekend at Canyon Lake with brother-in-law and their kids. The saguaro cactus looks so lonely. So I snap it and post process the image with HDR. It’s a long distance shot, so the cactus is kind of blur.

Lonely Cactus

This is one of the reasons that I love Arizona. We have so many hiking trails that are surrounded by so many large cactus and blue sky. I love hiking in Arizona. This photo is taken at Go John Trail where you should visit at least once.

Cactus at Go John

Cactus at Saguaro Lake

Don’t you just love the blue sky, blue water, green cactus in Arizona? This photo was taken in 2006 using my first DSLR Nikon D70S. My wife and I had a nice morning hike at Saguaro Lake. There is no better time to take a blue sky hike in Spring before the hot summer in Arizona.
Camera: Nikon D70S.

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