Showcase Flower Photography

Jamaica Flowers

I love taking flower photos! This was taken at the lobby of Gran Bahia Principe Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica! This is the same place I took the Jamaica Night. The resort is built beautifully. When I take flower photos, I always stand far back and zoom in the focus on the flower. So the background is blur and the flower will stand out. In most cases, it turns very good.

You can also find the Jamaica Video (including nude beach and topless girl) taken by the same camera.

Jamaica Flower

Camera: Canon 7D

Orange Flowers

This is a beautiful flowers I took in Taiwan when I re-united with my families. Again, It’s taken by the Canon 7D I bought not too long ago at the time. It’s a macro shot at about 50cm. I am very happy with the macro lens performance on the Canon 7D.

Camera: Canon 7D

Bees And Flowers

I Took this photo at my neighbor’s front yard. This is the first digital photo I took using my Canon 7D, which is the new camera to replace my old Nikon D70S. So far, I am very happy with the switch. Canon really stand out with the vivid color. The macro lens also did a great job on showing the detail of the bee.

After loading the photo to the computer, I realized that I caught the second bee at background. That make this image more interesting and becomes one of my favorite photos!

What do you think?

Camera: Canon 7D

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