Showcase Tilt-Shift Effect Photography

It’s been a while since I post my last photo “Jack In The Car” few weeks ago. I have been extremely busy and haven’t got chance to grab my Canon 7D for fun. So I dig into my old photos and found this one. I kind of like Tilt-Shift Effect in many of my photos. The cactus is tall, but it isn’t that tall. With a little touch, this photo shows totally different perspective.

Giant Cactus Tilt-Shift Effect

This photo was taken at the go Dutchman hiking trail in Mesa, AZ. It’s one of the easiest hiking trail in the East valley of Phoenix.

What do you think?

This is my 4th HDR image using Photomatix Pro after the Red Datsun 240Z. The mini idea (Tilt-Shift Effect) of sharpening the car and blue everything else makes the red Datsun 240Z a focus point. I also did some magic work to erase the side brick wall on the left bottom corner.
Mini Datsun 240z

Camera: Canon 7D

Software: Photoshop, Photomatix Pro

There is a new photography trick I am practicing. I don’t know what it is called, but I would like make the focused subject look like a tiny toy. I got this photo at Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. When our cruise ship leave the harbor, Mexico Federation solider are stand by and check up with any illegal activities. So I snap this shot and used Photoshop magic to blur the sea water around the little boat. The boat is not the primary subject in the photo and stand out from the rest of the sea water. It somehow looks tiny.

Mini Federation Mexico

I am not sure if you can see it the same way, but this won’t be the last phone I will do to minimize the object.

Thanks to Kristi from! This type of photography is called Tilt-Shift Effect.

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