Showcase Fashion Photography

Honestly, I am not a big fan of fashion show photography, but I like to watch women cat walking on the stage. I was sitting way back and far from the stage. So my little zoom lens won’t do too much. I have to increase the ISO to 5000 and hold my camera steady. No flash light was used. No raw image was taken (I should). It’s just a snapshot. I end up have to remove noise in Photoshop as well!

Too bad, this is the only one shot that is worth to share.

Phoenix Women's Expo Fashion Show Lady In Red

This photo was taken at Phoenix Women’s Expo!

Fashion Lady In Red

This is the day before my 8 days Caribbean Cruise trip. We were sitting at the food court of the International Mall in Tampa, FL. These little fashion sign are on almost every table. It reminds me that my fun is just about to start in few hours. The International Mall is built beautifully. It’s not as big as our Chandler Fashion Mall, but it’s newer with lots green decoration.

You will see more photos of my trip in the coming days. Some of them are converted into HDR images.

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