Showcase Door Photography

This is my first Black and White HDR image. I guess it doesn’t need 3 shots to make this one. At least, I got to practice more with the Photomatix Pro. This photo was taken on the way back from Caribbean Cruise Trip at Tampa airport in FL. So you can expect to see more HDR photos from this trip. I specific like the composition of the door. It shows the straight line cross the photo.

White Door

I was going to post this in the next 10 days, since I have scheduled many upcoming posts. I decided to push this earlier and see if I can get any feedbacks from HDR guru. What do you think? Does it make any sense to you?

Open Door

I took this photo a long time ago with long gone Nikon D70S in early 2005. This was one of my favorite photos in the old day. My wife and I went to the Rawhide for a short western town tour. I saw this wall with open door and wheel. It’s a perfect scene for the western world.

Camera: Nikon D70S.

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