Showcase Bridge Photography

OK. I am taking a break to post something different. My Facebook friends complaint to me about my beach vacation photos on our Caribbean Cruise Trip. He said that I am making people jealous about my trip. 🙂 Well. Don’t be! There are just too many places to visit in my life. I haven’t had enough time to visit all the amazing places on earth.

After all, it’s about seeking our happiness in our life, isn’t it? This bridge was taken at the Tampa Port, where we were leaving the city on our way to Cozumel, Mexico. It was about 6:15PM, when we were supposed to have our first formal dining in the restaurant. So we told the waiter and other people sitting at the same table that we will be back in few minutes. We rushed to get on the deck and we made it. If you miss this part, you miss a big part of the fun trip!

Tampa Bridge

I don’t know the name of the bridge and I don’t really care either. What makes this bridge so unique is this. It’s just few feet above the highest point of the cruise ship. It’s a very beautiful bridge. Everyone got so exciting when the ship passing under the bridge.

Bridge at Tampa FL

Well. I call it the bridge to happiness. My wife and I really had great time! If you plan to go on a cruise trip to Caribbean, you don’t want to miss this one. The other cruise ship from Miami will not give this exciting moment.

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