Showcase Las Vegas NV Photography

This is a photo in reply to Kristi’s Alternative Perspective of the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. I always like to look up the architecture. Especially, I like take sculptures in Las Vegas. This photo was taken with the very old Sony Cyber 3.3MP (My first digital camera ever) without the tripod in front of Caesars Palace hotel in 2005. I like the golden color lion decoration and the reflection of the light on the black column. I also realize that the photo is has huge noise. I can’t complaint the camera which is the first generation of the point and shoot digital camera.

Las Vegas Caesars Palace

I am going back to take another shot in the future using my Canon 7D and turn that into my new HDR image.

I took the following building in New York in 2004. Can’t remember what the building is.

Look Up New York

Here are some extra photos I took from the same perspective on Flickr. I took them with my Nikon D70S back in 2006, which is my early stage of digital photography.

The first one is the Borders book store on Mill Ave, Tempe, Arizona near Arizona state university.

Borders book store

The second one is an abandon building near ASU A Mountain.

Blue & White

I think I can do much better job to touch up the pictures and make them look cleaner and sharper.

Star War Street Patrol

Don’t you just love Las Vegas? You can find star war actor patrolling on the street in Las Vegas. This is a zoom in shot from a long distance. Surprisingly, the lens focus pretty well without shaking.

The following photo reminds me not to become one of them. I have a good life and bright future. Walking on the street for living isn’t the dream job I want.

Walking Sign

Las Vegas is such an unique place where you can find different life in one place.

Camera: Canon 7D

Shopping Season

Don’t you just love shopping season at the end of every year? This photo was taken in Las Vegas shopping mall. I love the combination of red and white flowers. However, I do think the photo is too bright. This is not my best shot about flowers and shopping mall, but I really like the color combination. I am really curious how they put all those roses together and make it a huge ball.

Camera: Canon 7D

Las Vegas Lady

Once again, you can see how much I like blue sky photography. This photo really shows the blue and the contrast of white sculpture. You can find the other photo Las Vegas Ladies photo at Caesars Place Hotel in Las Vegas.

Camera: Canon 7D

This photo was taken at Caesars Place Hotel in Las Vegas. I like the photo because of the curved composition. The blue sky and the white ladies just make this photo interesting.

Camera: Canon 7D

Sugar Las Vegas

This photo really is nothing special. I like it because of the detail. This photo really shows how much detail the Canon 7D can capture. I also like the photo with nearly mono color. I took this at Las Vegas at bright day light. I only crop the photo. There is no color correction, sharpness whatsoever.

Camera: Canon 7D.

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