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Well. This photo has nothing special other than playing with the field distance. I took the same lamp from different angle at the Carefree Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.

This is actually my favorite black and white shot taken at the First Friday Art Walk in Phoenix. As you may ask, is it photoshoped? Yes. I did photoshop and blur the center windows. So it looks like the men on both side are looking at the opposite direction. Personally, photography isn’t always about reality. It can be creative. I, however, never tried to scan the QRCode on the window and see where it will take me to.

I had great night hang out with few of my photography friends. It was nice to hang out at Phoenix downtown and take some nice shot. You can also find my other Alien Invasion shots.

Well. These photos really have nothing special other than practicing my HDR image skills. I am far from being a PRO HDR Photographer. However, I am a visual person, so I will be focusing on realistic HDR from this point on. These are the last few photos taken at Arizona Renaissance Festival. You can find my other most viewed festival photos like Girls At Arizona Renaissance Festival, She Is On Fire, Dance With Me and HDR Silver Cups. Taking photos is one way to enjoy my digital life outside of work. Life is short and there a lot to see.

These are just few of the photos I took at Arizona Renaissance Festival. I like how it turns out ad colorful shot. Of Course, it’s HDR, but not so much like unrealistic HDR.

Well. There is no aliens. There is no outer space monsters! It’s just the street lights and some red hot umbrella. This is what happen when everyone gone home and someone crazy like me taking photos after dark.

This could be a new moving title:  Alien Invasion – The Red Umbrella Planet!

Hmmm.. I guess I am really bored! 🙂

Well. It’s been a while since I post my last photo “A Typical Day” few weeks ago. I have been busy working and shopping. I took a little break and walk around the SanTan Village Mall at night. I was looking for some nice spot to take night shot. I was unable to find good place to take photos. On my way back to my car, I found this place with all the ladies … Here you go.

After posting travel and vacation related photos for 3 week straight, I went back to my old photo album and looked for some interesting photos l liked and wanted to share with everyone.

I am still not very good at HDR photography, but I do think I have some unique point of views. I took this Jack In The Car photo at Wichenburg AZ for a Toys for Tot Ride Event. Lots people drov up to Wichenburg with packed toys and gift in their back seat. The toys is donated to those poor kid whose parents can not afford the toys.

It was also an antique car show. Lots people drove their unique cars and part on the street to show off their collections. This guy had a giant Jack Head in his car. It was really interesting.

Jack In The Car

Really and honestly, this is my last Cozumel Travel Photos. I have had lots fun enjoying the beach for two of us and taking photos that is so memorable. We are heading back to the cruise ship and saw these yellow pedicabs. This is the perfect scene to capture people come and go.

Tuning this image into HDR is not a very pleasant thing to do. There are too much details and lines on the ship, so the software won’t line up correctly.

Yellow Pedicab at Cozumel Mexico

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