Showcase Scary Photography

Really. This is my all time favorite photo. It was a life time experience to hike in the #1 Yellow Mountain in China. The west sea trail is breath taking. I have no idea how people built the hiking trail on the cliff. I even wrote few blog posts about the lifetime experience of hiking in the Yellow Mountain.

Yellow Mountain China

It took us 9 hours to finish the hike. There is pretty much only two of us on the whole trail, because it’s so tough to bring the tourism to this area. We also enjoy 4 seasons in one day. Although we did not see the sun rise due to the weather condition, we had our best hike ever in our life. We survived!

This photo was taken by my Nikon D70S in 2006. I took about 1200 photos within that 9 hours. The truth is this. Once you hike in Yellow Mountain, you hike all the mountain in China. That’s why it’s the #1 mountain in China.

That was actually a scary hike. It’s a huge physical challenge to many people. This is also one of the reasons no tourism around here. If something happens to you, no one will be able to rescue you.

Yellow Mountain Hike

Here is another scary one! My wife stood on a little bridge. The bottom is 400m deep below and the summit is 200m above.

Yellow Mountain Hike

I highly recommend everyone to visit Yellow Mountain and give yourself a lifetime hiking experience.

Once is enough, twice will be awesome!

Read my blog post to see if you are capable to hike in Yellow Mountain.

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