Showcase Rock Photography

This is one of the most beautiful places I have visited in my life. This is our last stop on the Mexico Cruise vacation in 2006. Cabo San Lucas is well known of his “Land’s End” nickname. The lover’s beach is also really famous. Since that trip, we’ve Cabo few times. We saw different color and theme every time. The following photo was taken in the early morning at about 5:30AM, while my wife and most people are still sleeping in their room. I am so glad that I got up early. Otherwise, this photo will not exist. You can find this photo on many page on my personal blog. I created a header image out of it on the about page.

Cabo San Lucas

You probably see the following picture all over the Internet. It’s very famous. It looks like a dinosaur is drinking the water. I actually don’t remember the name of this place. You can get on a small boat and land on the lover’s beach on the other side of these rocks.

Cabo San Lucas

The lover’s beach is the only place in the world that has two ocean on both side. It will only take you less than 5 minutes to cross from one side to the other side. The rocks on the beach looks like lovers hugging each other.

Cabo San Lucas Lover's Beach

I would not call this really photography, but they are burned into my memory forever. If you don’t go there once in your lifetime, you would not understand what I mean. My life is good since then. You can read more about my Mexico travel story in the past on my personal blog.

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