Showcase Innocent Photography

Rising Star

It’s been a while since my last photo post. I’ve spent quite sometime (3 weeks) in Houston TX with my little nieces. Casey is now my favorite niece who is just like a rising star. I can’t resist to follow every move and try to capture here innocent face.

Happy Kid Running

I specifically like kids running. So I can capture their motion and the happy moment.
Take Me For A Walk Happy Sisters

The Future

This is the first human photo on this blog. He is my nephew. We took him for a ride to the rawhide in Phoenix. We were eating our breakfast at nearby MacDonald. I like this photo because of the way he looked at the camera. He is a very smart kid, but we know we have to give me the best education and role model to ensure his bright future!

We love the innocent look on the kid’s face. We feel bad that kid starts losing their innocent when they grow up into adulthood.

Can we really go back to the past and pick up our long lost innocent? I hope so.

Camera: Canon 7D

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