Showcase Green Grass Photography

I can’t really rest before I finish posting the photos I took at the Cherry Creek Lodge in Young AZ. I haven’t had so much good time relaxing and taking photos for so long. Even though Cherry Creek Ranch isn’t so big, but it’s big enough for me to take lots photos. Especially the Sunset photo and many other HDR photos.
Cherry Creek Lodge Horse Ride

Camera: Canon 7D

Software: Photoshop, Photomatix Pro

Tucson Golf Resort

If you read more about my photos on this blog, you can tell that I love blue, green and white combination. I also love going out to hike. Now I am also playing golf. The best thing about playing golf is not getting the ball into the hole. It’s about seeing the green, blue and white. We took a short weekend trip to Tucson, AZ’s most famous golf resort. We did not play golf, but we did enjoy walking on the green.

Camera: Nikon D70S.

Town Lake

I love the combination of blue sky, blue lake and green grass. Not to mention there is also enough white to compensate the scene. I took this photo near by my house, where people can picnic and jugging in the community. This was the early stage of my digital photography life. I started learning white balance to adjust the shot.

Camera: Nikon D70S.

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