Showcase Houston TX Photography

She believes she can fly! So I can shoot! She is my niece. I really have nothing more to say about her other than she is the angel. She makes me laugh! Anyway, I hope she fly high and reach the sky one day. She is going to be a great person and successful business woman.

I Can Fly

This is a photo taken at Houston, where one of my brother-in-law lives. We drove a long way to Texas to meet their families and play with their kids for the holiday. We went to a nearby park and I snap this shot. I like how peaceful it is! He set there watching over the kids playing. I kind of like the tree at the background! What do you think?

A Peaceful Moment

This photo was taken in Houston, TX in 2007, when we visited my sister-in-law and their kids. The four bicycles line up in front of the house just make it a perfect subject.


I also made this photo into a blog header image for my personal blog. It become one of the  most viewed pictures.

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