Showcase California Photography

Face Wall

This is a very colorful wall painting, when I took photowalk in San Francisco, CA. This really make difference to the community when people walk by. It also shows happy people supposed to be.

I did enhance the photo with saturated color and higher contrast. You don’t really pay attention on the windows.

I recently discovered the new face wall at Flagstaff, where I had good time taking many HDR Photos.

Lovely Old Couple

How lovely these old couples are? I was taking a photowalk in San Francisco, CA. These two old people walked slowly crossing the street with holding hands. This is so far the most romantic photo I’ve ever take other than the “Two of US” photo.

My wife and I have been together for over 23 years. We still have long way to go, but I would love to take her hand and travel around the world just like these two lovely couples.

This lighthouse is located at the harbor in Los Angels. We were on our cruise trip to Mexico in 2006.  I saw this lighthouse in the middle of nowhere outside the harbor. I guess whoever worked at the place have a long walk.Lighthouse Log Angels

This photo was taken with my Nikon D70S. You will see some new photos post in the coming days about my Mexico trip.


I really like photos of Kids, because they are so innocent. Their facial expression often made me smile. They are the future. I took my niece Jassie’s photo at my uncle-in-law’s big house in LA in 2006. She is such a sweet baby and laugh maker. I do believe she will rule the world one way or the other. There are several shots in this post.

Which one you like most?

Jessie Rules

The following photo just make me laugh. She looks like the boss of big corporation. She rules everything. 🙂 This is my favorite one!

Jessie Rules

What a happy boss, isn’t she? She said “Let’s get the profit report. We are doing very well this year. You all are making me very happy!” 🙂

Jessie Rules

Once again, she proves she got the talent, skills and power to rule the world.

Jessie Rules

She is also very creative. She can play piano too!Jessie and Piano

All these photos are taken by my old Nikon D70S with flash light. I am really happy about the result. Without any retouching or adjustment, they looks fantastic. I was not really seriously interested in portrait photography until I got the Nikon SB-600 Speedlight flashlight.

Again, which photo do you like most?

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