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Well. I was going to post each photo in different post and decide not to do it. It will take me too much time to post all of them. So here you go. This is the last set of HDR photos I took at the Lomaki Pueblo And Lomaki Pueblo In Wupatki National Monument. You can find my previous photos and 360 degree video too. It was a breath taking trip to N. Flagstaff AZ.

Well. This is the only photo I had for Sunset Crater Volcano in N. Flagstaff AZ. I was NOT trying to create fancy HDR image, but I end up try to make it look more like a realistic HDR. I also don’t have a wild angel lens, so I use my default 28-135mm lens for the shot. I am still learning how to adjust the software to make it NOT too dark on the right side. Anyway, Enjoy it! It’s an amazing place to see volcano without flying to Hawaii.

It’s been few weeks since I post my last Flagstaff AZ trip photos. I reprocess some of the photos into HDR and like love the results. It’s amazing how the ancient Indian people live there. It was a very cold day and we had great time hike in the mountain. I love the cloud and blue sky that was a great trip to the northern Arizona.

We were waiting at the hotel lobby for our room to move in. It was a cold day at Flagstaff AZ, but the lobby is very warm with red furniture. We had great time staying there for 3 days. You can find more Flagstaff AZ HDR photos such as Golden Flatgstaff, national monuments and more.

I have to say that I’ve learned a lot about HDR and indoor photography. It’s probably not my favorite photography, but definitely interesting.

You probably already know how much I like HDR photography. It gives me the great reason to show unbelievable color in a plain photo. I took the following photos near Snowbowl in Flagstaff AZ. It was supposed to snow, but we end up seeing the beautiful golden flagstaff. The sky is also so blue that I can resist to take shot after shot.

This is part of serial Flagstaff photos I took over the weekend. We accidentally found there are many national monuments we haven’t not visited on our way to Grand Canyon. We decided to change our course and stop by at Wupakti National Monument. This photo is taken at Lomaki Pueblo. It took me 3 shots to combine into this HDR photo. It was not an easy process to get the sun light without darken the brick wall. I have to say this is one of the most beautiful ruins I’ve seen. The view there is breath taking. I even shot the 360 degree video. See below.

[iframe width=”600″ height=”335″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

As much as I love HDR photography, I am not so much about making it unreal. We were stopping at the cross road near Snowbowl ski resort in Flagstaff AZ. I figure this will be a great spot to take some dramatic scene. This is just the beginning of my serial HDR photos in the coming days. It was supposed to snow, but we did not get to see the white Flagstaff. However, we do see the golden Flagstaff.

I am always amazed by those street graffiti. This one is no exception. Found this Face Wall in Flagstaff downtown. There is another Face Wall in San Francisco.

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